Low cost liver transplant in India has become a trademark when it comes to treating a last stage liver disease. The disease is on a heavy rise around the world and even in India with increasing number of patients looking for a perfect treatment. The latest statistics as revealed by a study done by WHO (World Health Organization), liver diseases are known to be one of the top 20 causes of medical death in India. Adding to this around the world, the death rate per 100,000, as published by WHO in the year 2014, is 9.31 in United Kingdom, 8.70 in the United States, 11.27 in South Africa, 11.23 in Austria, 10.72 in Germany, 24.41 in Mexico, 6.22 in Canada and 21.96 in India.

Liver is an important organ of human body that functions to produce bile, cholesterol and special proteins that in turn play an integral role in proper functioning of the digestive system. Further to this, it also helps in regulating blood clot, resisting blood infections, releasing glucose and processing hemoglobin to enhance the use of iron content stored in the liver. With so many important functions to play it is vital that a malfunctioning in the organ turns out be fearful and even fatal. It is as if the entire body functioning comes to a sudden stop.

Some of the main factors that lead of hampering of liver functions are liver diseases like hepatitis, liver cancer, cirrhosis, ascites, inherited liver diseases and alcohol provoked liver disease. At an early stage there may be medical treatments available to cure but at a later stage or at an end stage of such liver diseases or infection, liver transplant is the only cure left for survival.

By definition, liver transplant is a procedure where diseased or infected liver is removed and replaced by a healthy liver that is donated by a live or a dead person. The success rate is also extremely high and both the patient as well as the donor is known to live a healthy life ahead. Now the serious concern and a heavy burden arise when it comes to the cost of liver transplant. In India the estimated cost is around Rs 20 Lakhs including the cost of surgery, investigation and medicines. It is certainly high on cost but when compared to USA and European countries, the cost in India is known to be around one twentieth.


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